Syu Iura (井浦 秀 Iura Shū?) is a friend of Izumi Miyamura, also attending Katagiri Senior High School. He is enrolled in Class 3-2.


He has green hair and brown eyes. He often wears a sweatshirt and his purple headphones.


Syu is loud and outgoing. He's best friends with Ishikawa. He likes to play pranks on people, and tends to be the one starting the games or activities done by the group. Everyone in the group finds Syu to be annoying. He's like the human form of a green ball of energy.

Seemingly destined to never have a girlfriend, Syu spends a lot of his time bemoaning this fact. However, Syu doesn't have his sights set on any particular girl, so nothing usually comes of this. It is mentioned that if Syu would just be quiet sometimes, there would probably be a lot more girls interested in him. But as Syu says, "if you take away my energeticness, what would be left...", prompting the rest of the group to question if his very existence is being energetic and annoying.

At home, he is completely different, acting very subdued and even cold towards his younger sister, Motoko. However, despite this cold attitude, he still loves his sister very much, and tries to help in whatever way he can.






Syu's ex-girlfriend. They dated for a little bit during their freshman year, but eventually broke up. In Syu's words, "She was loud and couldn't read the mood. It was like looking into a mirror. I hated it..." Despite this, they still remain friends to this day. Nanako has yet to make an appearance in the comic, except for a few flashback pictures.

Aoi Kitahara

When Kitahara came over to the Iura house to visit Motoko, his first impression of Syu seemingly awakened something inside of him, and Kitahara became drawn towards Syu. They share a common interest in music, particularly rock, and Syu acts like a older brother towards him. However, no matter what feelings, if any, Kitahara has for him, Syu definitely does not reciprocate.

Motoko Iura

Syu's younger sister. Syu frequently acts cold towards her, and played lots of pranks on her when they were younger, however deep down, he cares her. He often tries to do subtle things or things behind the scenes to help support her. His nickname for her is "Moto".



  • Syu hosted a running segment called "Let's try asking Iura-kun!", where he would ask the characters various questions. His character description is a reference to this.
  • In both the 2011 and 2014 popularity contests, Syu ranked #1. In 2016 he took 3rd place.




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