Remi Ayasaki (綾崎 レミ Ayasaki Remi) is a member of the Student Council and she is known as the girlfriend of Kakeru Sengoku who attends Katagiri Senior High School where she is enrolled in class 3-5.

She is more of a mascot in the student council, and is shown to do little to no work at all.


Remi has a very short stature, it is heavily implied that she is 158cm tall and weighs 44kg, although the fact whether this is true has yet to be answered. Remi has twintails that goes straight to her down to her shoulders. She is considered as a beautiful and very cute young girl.


Remi is usually shown as a rather childish and immature girl who has a very straightforward personality, and often wears her emotions on her sleeve. And seems to rely on other people's help. She's also not very smart, often compared to Miyamura about which one is more of an idiot.

She loves insects, though she's bad with dragonflies. Her room is filled with her insect collection, and she has been nicknamed the Insect Queen. She also enjoys reading, especially fairy tales. She's also comically bad at cooking, just like Kakeru Sengoku.




Kakeru Sengoku

She is known by the general public as Sengoku's girlfriend. Although seemingly opposites, their mutual interest in books drew them together. They began dating when they were freshmen, and their relationship has continued ever since. They are deeply in love.

Sakura Kouno

They are best friends who are usually together, whether in the student council room or going out shopping. Remi cares a lot about Sakura, and was the first to notice her crush on Tooru Ishikawa, as well as her subsequent melancholy afterwards. Remi often acts as the glue between Sengoku and Sakura, though many times it's more as if she sticks with Sakura, and drags Sengoku along with her.

Kyouko Hori

As the two major girlfriends of the group, the two of them share many commonalities when talking about their boyfriends. For example, they both express how, if their boyfriend was abandoned by the side of the road, they both would love to take them home. In addition, they also like to talk about girly things with each other. Remi usually calls Hori "Kyon Kyon".

Izumi Miyamura

She said that Miyamura was cute, and thought about making him her boyfriend. Although she claimed it to be a mere joke whilst talking to Kouno. Later, after Hori has a fight with Miyamura, Remi says that it would "fun" if they broke up, though it is unknown how serious she was being.

Akane Yanagi

Much like Sengoku, Remi wants to be close friends with Yanagi, often clinging to him while talking and even going to visit him between classes. She is far more successful in being close to Yanagi than Sengoku, however, due to her much more straightforward personality. Her nickname of him is "Yanagin".


  • Remi's surname Ayasaki means "design" (綾) (aya) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).
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