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Izumi Miyamura (宮村 伊澄 Miyamura Isumi?) is the male protagonist of the Horimiya series. He was a student in Class 3-1 of Katagiri Senior High School.

Initially deemed as a gloomy "otaku" by his classmates and characterized by his heavy clothing, outside of school Miyamura is, outwardly, a completely different person than what he is seen as.

At the start of the series, Miyamura encountered the younger brother of his classmate, Kyouko Hori, who got in a little accident outside, and took him to the Hori household. It was then that he met Hori, who did not wish for her classmates, specifically friends, to see her "other" side.

As Miyamura kept visiting the Hori household, the two got to know each other more and developed a friendship. Such friendship eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Later in the webcomic ending, Hori is married to Miyamura (which officially makes her Kyouko Miyamura) and they have a son together.


Izumi is of average height and has a slim figure with pale skin. He is noted to be quite handsome with long lashes [8] and a slightly feminine-looking face, a feature that others often point out.[9][10][11] He also has deep blue eyes, messy black hair that goes down to his nape with parted bangs, and thin eyebrows. Izumi has a total of nine piercings: four down each ear and one on his lip, all of which were done by himself.[12] He also has dark-colored tattoos on his left shoulder, upper left arm, and side.

In his first appearance, Izumi is seen dressing heavily to hide his tattoos, wearing his winter school uniform and blazer. He keeps his hair shoulder-length and straight to avoid drawing attention to his piercings and wears thick-rimmed glasses.

Out of school, he dons a more casual appearance and is seemingly indifferent about the fact that others can see his piercings and tattoos. He removes his glasses and keeps his hair tied into a small ponytail, with a few bangs framing his face. Occasionally, he wears a lip ring, chain, casual outfits, and various accessories.

When he first starts dating Kyouko Hori, Izumi decides to cut his hair short and withdraws from wearing glasses [13]. With his side bangs reaching just past his ears, Izumi's piercing holes become visible, but a few piercings—precisely the one on his lip—close up due to him not using them. His new appearance sparks the attention of many, and he is considered quite attractive by the girls in his class, much to Kyouko's annoyance.

He is seen wearing his blazer fully buttoned up less often, opting to wear the buttoned school sweater over his uniform.

In Chapter 123.5, he later cuts his hair much shorter and now resembles Tooru Ishikawa's hairstyle.



At school, Izumi initially gives off the impression of a quiet, gloomy, and anti-social person. His classmates' perception of him is that he is an otaku with good studying capabilities, but a hard person to approach and maintain a conversation with.[14]

Izumi was noticeably shy and struggled to interact with others when he was a child up to his time in junior high, resulting in him being frequently ostracized and bullied—especially by Makio Tanihara and his friend group—as his peers considered him a dreary and distant individual. This treatment caused Izumi to adopt a pessimistic nature, and he would give himself piercings with a safety pin whenever he felt school was giving him a difficult time. During this time, it was implied that he also contemplated suicide.

However, one day, Izumi met Kouichi Shindou, who was, at the time, friends with Makio. Kouichi treated Izumi much better than their other classmates. The two became good friends, even with Makio's attempt at interference, and they kept in touch despite going to separate high schools. The two are close enough that Izumi changes his personality into a violent and foul-mouthed temper towards Kouichi, a complete 180 compared to his usual demeanor. Izumi credits Kouichi for his positive change in personality between junior high and high school.

Between the beginning of high school and his third year, Izumi retains a dark aura that his classmates consistently point out. However, he himself is less pessimistic (likely due to Kouichi's influence), and a younger Kyouko Hori points out that Izumi isn't as gloomy as others make him out to be after the two pair up for a project.

When Izumi and Kyouko meet each others' hidden sides for the first time, Izumi has a friendly and laid-back attitude, a trait Kyouko hadn't anticipated. When Kyouko doesn't try to avoid him the next day at school and explains her reasoning, Izumi is noticeably happy about her actions. Izumi is also quite laid-back towards his studies and believes that everything is fine as long as he can graduate, resulting in him doing poorly on tests and assignments. Although he tends to mispronounce certain Japanese words, Izumi is quite good at tongue twisters.

Upon interacting with more of his classmates, Izumi is shown to be a good friend and a caring person that often goes out of his way to help others (especially towards Kyouko and Souta, after realizing the hard work Kyouko put into maintaining her home and taking care of her brother). He has violent tendencies when his friends are involved in argumentative affairs and may resort to physical attacks if he deems it necessary.

At times, Izumi can be relatively dense and impulsive, which is likely why he got the tattoos that forced him to dress in layers and take extreme measures not to reveal them to others at school. Although he is careful to hide his secret, close calls result from Izumi’s dense nature. Outside of school, he can show off his piercings and tattoos and has no trouble displaying them.

He appears to have very low self-esteem and is awkward when talking to people he's not close with, often saying he can't connect well with others. He worries that it would be embarrassing for Kyouko to be seen with him. Miyamura hates drawing unnecessary attention to himself, preferring to be treated as "invisible" in class. However, he feels that Hori is being made fun of for dating him because of his appearance, which leads him to cut his hair and stops him from wearing glasses to school. This causes a lot of girls to start approaching him and commenting on how good-looking he is, even flirting with him and snapping pictures of him with their phones, much to Kyouko's annoyance.

He fears anything related to horror or gore but usually watches horror movies because Hori enjoys them. It is unknown if he is a sadist or a masochist; however, he often hits Shindou and aims sharp remarks toward him, especially regarding the fact that Shindou had to repeat a grade due to poor attendance. He does not seem to hold any sadistic feelings towards his girlfriend aside from putting his foot on her head because he wanted to bully her back for once, as he was always getting pushed around. He has problems treating anyone impolitely or violently except Shindou and occasionally Sawada.


  • The name Izumi means "that one" ( i?) and "clear, pure" ( sumi/zumi?).
    • His name is a combination of his parents; Iori and Naozumi.
  • Izumi's surname Miyamura means "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya) and "town, village" (村) (mura).


  • Izumi works after school in his family's bakery, Iori (伊織).
    • He wishes to continue the family business, especially since he enjoys the work.[15]
    • Before he cut his hair, Izumi used his outside appearance when working.[16]
  • Izumi is afraid of horror movies, unlike Kyouko Hori.[17] However he continues to watch them with her, as she forces him.
  • Izumi is very good at tongue twisters; however, he can't pronounce the words like "暖かい atatakai" (meaning warm), "肩たたき katatataki" (meaning shoulder massage), "山吹色 yamabuki-iro" (meaning bright yellow), and "座敷童子 zashiki warashi" (a childlike guardian spirit), instead says "akkatai", "kakatataki", "mamabuki-iro", and "dashiki zarashi".[18]
  • Izumi's zodiac sign is Aries, the same as Hori.
  • Izumi's Japanese score is a two out of five (2/5).[19]
  • Izumi had ten piercings, two closed, one on the lip and one on the tongue. He still has four piercings on each ear.
  • Izumi has a full mark in Health, which he usually uses against Tooru Ishikawa.
  • Izumi won first place in the Horimiya character popularity contest on November 17th.
  • Izumi dislikes tomato peel.
  • Izumi likes women who wear blazers.[20]
  • Izumi is an only child.
  • Izumi's family lives in apartment 704.[21]
  • Izumi's V.A (Thiago Córdova) is married to Kyouko's V.A (Mari Haruno)



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