Iura Motoko
Iura Motoko
General Information
English Name
Motoko Iura
Iura Motoko
Hair color
Other Information
May 14
Blood Type
First Appearance
Chapter 76

Iura Motoko is Shuu Iura's younger sister.

Appearance Edit

She has short green hair. In many regards, she is like a younger, female version of Shuu. When they are gender swapped, they tend to look almost identical to the other. She is sometimes mistaken for a boy, probably due to her short hair, casual clothes and her face being similar to Shuu.

Personality Edit

Self-described as an untalkative, gloomy type, Motoko is the opposite of Shuu. She tends to keep to herself and has a hard time making friends. However, unlike Shuu, this personality also carries over to her home life, though she is much more forceful and violent towards her brother than other people. She is also pretty smart, but she lacks the confidence to really use it too well.

She is 3 years younger than Shuu, making her a 3rd year middle school student. Because she desperately wants to go to East High School (a very high level school), Shuu helps her and arranges for her to get tutoring from Hori for the entrance exam. Despite this, Motoko does not get accepted, and elects to attend Katagiri instead.

Plot Edit

Iura is seen looking at Izumi from a upper floor window at school.

Relationships Edit

Iura Shuu  Edit

Motoko's older brother. Motoko acts pretty cold towards him, and they fight a lot, but deep down, they are loving siblings. In the past, Motoko was very possessive of her older brother, almost to the point of being a brocon. When she's scared at night, Motoko will often go into Shuu's room and sleep next to him.

Due to a misunderstanding, Motoko believes Shuu likes "Sengoku-san", and frequently asks about this and if they are dating.

Kitahara Aoi  Edit

Motoko and Kitahara are classmates in middle school, and later, in high school. She likes Kitahara, though she never openly tells him so. They are, at the minimum, close friends, and Kitahara treats Motoko especially kindly. However, after meeting Shuu, Kitahara seems to have directly his attention towards him, much to Motoko's displeasure.

Akitsu Megumi  Edit

Motoko and Kitahara's classmate. Since she likes Kitahara, she is initially antagonistic towards Motoko due to the way Kitahara often goes over to Motoko's house and how Kitahara treats her nicely. However, after talking and finding out that Kitahara isn't dating her, Aki and Motoko become friends.