The Hori household is the house that Hori Kyousuke and Hori Yuriko owns. It has also been the main location for developments between Miyamura Izumi and Hori Kyouko outside of their school.


Miyamura Izumi and Hori Kyouko first met when Souta fell down when Miyamura walked by, and he took him back home. Hori invited him into her house, not realizing he was Miyamura from her class, but was surprised when he told her who he was.



Miyamura Izumi often visits Kyouko and Hori at their house. He helps Kyouko with dinner, and often eats there. He also plays with Souta.

Okuyama Yuuna visited a couple times as Souta's friend.

Yoshikawa Yuki , upon meeting Miyamura disguised as "Konoha-san" had started to visit.

Sengoku Kakeru was a frequent visitor from when he was a child till around the age of 16. He and his father are also often subject to 'kidnappings' by Kyousuke-san.

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