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Daisuke Hagiwara (萩原ダイスケ Hagiwara Daisuke?) is the artist of the ongoing Horimiya manga series serialized in Monthly GFantasy and works alongside HERO, the writer. The manga is a spin-off of HERO's webcomic, Hori-san to Miyamura-kun.

On the Volume 1 cover of Horimiya, Daisuke Hagiwara wrote a message stating:

I'm Hagiwara the artist. I'm praying that I have been able to reproduce even a little bit of the world of HERO-sensei's Horimiya. It has been stressful, but a lot of fun! I hope you can enjoy it!

—Daisuke Hagiwara, Volume 1

Other Works

In 2011, Daisuke Hagiwara created a oneshot titled Strong Chase Weak Animato (弱逃強追アニマート?) and was responsible for both the story and the art.

Beginning October 2011, Daisuke Hagiwara started collaborating with HERO on a spin-off of HERO's romcom Hori-san to Miyamura-kun webcomic, titled Horimiya. She worked as the artist, while HERO continued writing the story. The manga is currently serialized in the GFantasy magazine, published by Square Enix. Later on, Yen Press licensed the story in English. Currently, the series has fifteen volumes.

Daisuke Hagiwara and HERO contributed to the Daily Lives of High School Boys Anthology (男子高校生の日常アンソロジー Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō Ansorojī?) alongside other various mangaka, which was released alongside Volume 6 of Yasunobu Yamauchi's Daily Lives of High School Boys.[1].

In December 2012, Daisuke Hagiwara contributed to the Comic Anthology Kiwami: Horror, Suspense, Mystery (コミックアンソロジー 極 ホラー サスペンス ミステリー Komikku Ansorojī Kiwami Horā Sasupensu Misuterī?) as one of the artists, notably for Back to the Jack (バック・トゥ・ザ・ジャック Bakku to~u za Jakku?). The manga ran for one volume and was serialized in Gangan ONLINE.

In 2013, she published a oneshot titled Dog and My Family Circumstance ( (イヌ) と私の家族事情 Inu to Watashi no Kazoku Jijō?) and did both the story and artwork. The oneshot was serialized in Sylph.

She contributed to the Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic: Touken Danshi Makuai Geki (刀剣乱舞 -ONLINE- アンソロジー コミック ~刀剣男士幕間劇~ Tōken Ranbu - ONLINE - Ansorojī Komikku ~ Tōken Otoko-shi Makuai Geki ~?) in 2015[2] and the Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic: Touken Danshi Shinpuu Roku (刀剣乱舞 -ONLINE- アンソロジー コミック ~刀剣男士幕間劇~ Tōken Ranbu - ONLINE - Ansorojī Komikku ~ Tōken Otoko-shi Shinpū Roku ~?) in 2017,[3] working as both an artist and writer. The anthologies were published by GFantasy and both covers were illustrated by her.

In 2017, Daisuke Hagiwara began working with writer Shizuku Totono as the illustrator of the romantic comedy NE NE NE (ねねね Ne ne ne?), alternatively titled NEN NE NO NENE. The manga ran in Gangan Comics for one volume and was released in English by Yen Press in 2018.[4]