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Page 5 is the fifth chapter of the Horimiya manga series written by HERO and illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara.


Yuki begins by asking whether he is Hori's cousin, to which Miyamura answers yes much to Hori's relief. However Yuki becomes interested in "Hori's cousin" and asks for his name. From that point on, Yuki often visits Hori's house to meet this 'cousin'. At school, Yuki daydreams about Konoha and Hori realises that Miyamura is quite dense as he doesn't realise that Yuki has been acting quite differently.

As Hori was making dinner, Miyamura sneezed and Hori warned him that he would get a cold, but he didn't listen. The next day Miyamura didn't show up at school, so Toru asks Hori if they could visit him together, but Yuki said she cant come because she has club activities. After school, Hori and Toru go over to Miyamura's house to take care of him.

Miyamura has a terrible fever, but tells them he doesnt want to lay down because his nose will clog. Hori borrows his kitchen to make him porridge while Toru and Miyamura talk. Toru wonders about Hori's cooking, and Miyamura answers that she's really good at cooking and organizing while he slowly dozes off. While he sleeps, Toru asks about their relationship and is uncertain that they are just friends. Miyamura wakes up asking for tissues, then Toru wonders that if he gets sick, Hori will make porridge for him. Therefore, when Hori comes back with the warmed up porridge, she notices that Toru and Miyamura are really close. After Hori takes care of Miyamura, she leaves and Toru stays behind. He asks Miyamura if he likes anyone. Miyamura wonders if he's gonna confess to him, but Toru knew what he was thinking, and said, "If you think for a moment that I'm trying to confess to you, I'll punch you."

They talk about boy's stuff and Toru said that everyone thinks he is getting brighter. Toru leaves, and he tells him that Yuki was worrying about him. Toru leaves and wonders if he has anymore tissues left. Hori writes notes for Miyamura, and sends Yuki a text saying that Miyamura is alright. Back at Miyamura's house, his mom asks who came over since the leftover cake is gone, to which Miyamura responds that it was his friends.  



  • "She does pretty well, actually. She's good at cooking, and really good at organizing stuff..." - Miyamura Izumi (talking about Hori Kyouko to Ishikawa Toru).
  • "Hori's really good at taking care of people..." - Ishikawa Toru.
  • "Hurry up and get back to school, Miyamura" - Ishikawa Toru.