Cold Rain is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Horimiya manga series by HERO and Daisuke Hagiwara.



The chapter opens with schoolmates admiring Hori and Miyamura as a couple. The girls in class discussed about adoring the kiddy side of boys such as eating sloppily. The conversation turned to Miyamura being forced to watch horror movies with Hori and that Hori should stop forcing him to watch horror movies in fear of him leaving her. Back in Hori's house, the couple started watching a horror movie and Hori tried to be cute to him by pretending to be scared. However, he was watching the horror movie so intently that he would react with fear upon her sudden speech or touch. After a very scary part, Miyamura went to the toilet to cool down, because he was so scared he started crying. Hori thought she failed and went to bed crying. When Miyamura came back, he reassured her that he was dating Hori and not just anyone else because he likes her when she is herself. The rainy weather outside became more intense and the scene in the room escalated to them being in the bed, with the scene fading out. The following day, Miyamura was seen with a hickey on his neck, and Hori is shown with bare shoulders, suggesting that they had sex, but it is not confirmed. Back at Hori's house, Souta returned Miyamura's school pin at the main door. When Miyamura asks where he found it, it dawns on him. Souta asked if they do "those kinds of things" every time. Miyamura asked if he feared that his big sister would be taken away by him. He follows up with explaining that he won't take away his "big sister", and reminded Souta that he will be his "big brother". Miyamura then asked if he could have have "Kyoko" instead. Souta and Miyamura hugged and Souta replied yes. Then it shows that Hori was behind the wall the whole time, listening and was happy at the exchange.



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